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Hi there! I’m Alex, creator of Tall Blonde Foodie. TBF is a platform I created to share my healthy, real-food based meals, snacks and treats, my experiences trying to stay healthy while traveling, and my experiences in the health and wellness world.

Food is truly nature’s medicine and I’m so passionate about eating healthy to heal and nourish my body, and I want to be able to share that passion with you all. I also have an Instagram, tallblondefoodie, where I share more details on the foods I eat, the places I visit, and the products I’m using.

I hope you find something valuable here – whether that be a healthy recipe, a new food product you’ve never heard, or inspiration to live a healthier life.

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Hi, I’m Alex, a 29-year old daughter, sister, wife, dog mom and ad tech professional with a huge passion for health and wellness. I’m here to share with you my passion and love all things food, fitness, and wellness (mental, physical and emotional). Read more

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