🌶Mediterranean Veggie Egg Frittata 🍳

This is my second frittata of the week y’all (only 1/4 of a serving show here – it makes 4 quarters), and I love this for a quick, easy healthy breakfast that last me a few days! The beauty of this recipe is the versatility – you can use whatever veggies you want, you can add cheese, bacon, herbs, whatever your heart desires! I had some frozen veggies sitting in my freezer that needed eating, so I used those. I love eating a slice of frittata alongside avocado sweet potatoasts (pictured here) or @foodforlifebaking ezekiel bread or English muffins. If you’re needing a lot of protein, go ham and eat a half or the whole thing! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some easy, basic scrambled eggs, but making a frittata jazzes up your meal and makes it feel a little more special 🥰


  • 1/2 bag 365 Organic Mediterranean Frozen Vegetables (or ANY veggies you have on hand!)
  • Two Large handfuls of spinach
  • Fresh basil and parsley (optional)
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 egg whites (just use a regular egg, but only pour in the white)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • To serve: @cholulahotsauce , @traderjoes everything but the bagel seasoning


  • Preheat your @ourplace pan on medium or any ceramic pan that won’t stick (you can also do in cast iron)
  • Add your 1/2 bag of frozen veggies
  • Let them cook and sweat off their water
  • Add some seasoning listed above to the veggies as they start to cook
  • Scramble your eggs and egg whites in a bowl
  • Chop your spinach
  • Add spinach to veggies
  • Stir veggies well, add a bit more seasoning
  • Flatten out your veggies in the pan (most of the water should be gone and spinach wilted)
  • Pour the scrambled eggs evenly over the veggies
  • Turn to medium low and cover
  • Keep checking on it periodically (takes about 10 minutes to fully cook). While it is cooking…
  • I like to hold the frittata edges with a spatula, tilt the pan and let the wet egg drip over to the edge of the pan, this helps it cook faster. You can flatten it out again if it gets lumpy after doing this
  • Top with fresh basil, parsley when it’s nearly done
  • Cut into fours and serve with hot sauce and more seasoning – I love @traderjoes everything but the bagel

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